Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poetry and the Pet Peeve

What is up with the poetry, you may be asking? That was weird!

Well, I love poetry, and although I have produced a great deal of it which ought never to see the light of day, some pieces seem sufficiently amusing to share. So instead of your regularly scheduled geekiness, there will occasionally appear here a poem, which is . . . I guess just differently flavored geekiness.

Particularly true of today's poem, which I would very much like to illustrate someday as though it were a children's book.

Pet Peeve

My pet peeve up and ran away.
It’s been gone since yesterday.
I’m worried that it may run wild—
Nip the neighbors, savage a child.

The police could help if it were under
Some official license number.
This works for dog or cat or bird
But my pet peeve’s not registered.

What if it finds a wild peeve mate?
And what if those two procreate?
They’ll grow with every generation,
Establishing a population.

What if the whole herd turns feral?
They might terrorize some rural
Village, or become invasive
In places where peeves are not native.

The ecologists will come back to me.
And so will the village authorities.
They’ll hunt me down and lock me up
For failing to keep my peeve chained up.

And that will be a lesson to me:
Never to let a peeve run free.
So keep your pet peeves locked away,
And always, always neuter or spay.


  1. Ha ha! Very Shel Silverstein.
    Are there really any places where peeves are not native, though? I would think they're more like insects, that live everywhere. I suppose it might be a different species of peeve than is native.

  2. Thanks! That's a good question, too. I wonder if there are different species of peeve, or if it's just one global panmictic population. The latter does seem more likely, which would make that line read rather tongue-in-cheek.

  3. Hi! Stumbled on this from the wilds of google searching 'wild peeve'. This is wonderful. Thank you.


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