Click here to view bilingual (English/español) How-To-Draw instructions for Giant Squid, Giant Pacific Octopus, and Argonaut. Printable & downloadable.

I am (finally) using Instagram to update comics and other art! Come visit! Below is older stuff that hasn't made the transition yet.

Sometimes I draw comics, like these hourlies or these later hourlies. I drew one comic about The Difference between kids and grown-ups, and another comic about cuttlefish being awesome.

Here's my data visualization project about the career paths of PhD graduates from my alma mater:

I've also drawn figures for several scientific papers. Below is Figure 4 from Managing for Ocean Biodiversity to Sustain Marine Ecosystem Services by Steve Palumbi and lots of colleagues.
Here's an animation I made about the reproductive habits of flying squid.

I've designed a lot of t-shirts, usually for specific classes or school groups. The design below was on the Stanford Biology Department's t-shirt in 2008. Alas, it's no longer for sale, but some of my other designs are available on Zazzle.

Once I illustrated a card game called "The Game of Science," designed by phycologist and educator Kevin Miklasz and available to buy from GameCrafter. Here's the box design and a couple of my favorite cards.

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