Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yesterday in Pencil

I decided to draw hourlies yesterday. That is a thing that people do where they draw a comic for every hour of a day. Sometimes it happens on February 1st, or other days. I think I got inspired by the Johnny Wander archive.

Due to a surprise visit from some awesome friends, my day turned out to be more interesting than expected. Maybe that's what happens when you decide to draw hourlies?

No offense to my tablet, which I love very very much, but it was splendid to work in pencil again. My hands got all covered with graphite--hence the smudginess of the later comics.

Anyway, here they are!


  1. Yay! My family looks excellent in your pictures :-P

  2. Great SMILE! Lovin' it. Ole!
    Scooter only "notices" his Christmas Squid in passing, when he lies on it and presses it to his face. Another fortune----catnip squids, there has to be a market! Love, Dad

  3. Hi Danna,
    I just love your comic drawings! They say alot without using words.

  4. Thanks Noah! I'm sorry you didn't make it in. I was going to draw all of us around the dinner table, but people are a lot of work and I was getting tired. =)


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