Thursday, January 31, 2008

a few questions

  • Why does the ascidian heartbeat reverse?

  • Will flukes mate with their clones?

  • Is the "water" in the water vascular system isosmotic with seawater?

  • How similar is the hemoglobin of holothuroids and ophiuroids?

  • Why do morula cells take up heavy metals?

When I'm TAing, I sit in lecture and jot down questions like these. Some are asked by students, some occur to me as I listen, and some are brought up by the professor. None are answered satisfactorily in class. Later, sitting at my desk, I use them to procrastinate--sometimes spending hours chasing obscure references.

But today, I'm committed to actually getting work done. So the questions get posted here instead, with answers to come if and when I find time to look them up.

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