Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Fairy Dream

I dreamed this last night:

In a time of war between humans and fairies, a human girl was kidnapped and kept prisoner by fairies. She assimilated quickly, taking a fairy lover and even advising the fairy king on anti-human strategy. She was also fascinated by fairy magic, and after careful study she made a stunning announcement: she believed that all fairies were capable of turning invisible, if they chose, and to do so would give them an unshakable advantage over the humans.

Though the fairy king had some reservations, the assembled fairies were thrilled, and the majority of them turned invisible on the spot. It only lasted a few seconds, but afterwards they all began cheering their inevitable victory.

Meanwhile, the fairy king called up the closest fairy who'd turned invisible. "How did you do that?" he asked.

"I just thought that no one could see me, that I didn't even exist," the fairy explained. "But I don't feel very good now. Can I have some Tylenol?"

The king materialized the medicine for his subject, even as he began to eagerly ponder all that could be done with an invisible army . . .

Though I would have loved to keep dreaming that dream, my subconscious shifted gears (par for the course) and instead I wound up hunting for my car in a dimly-lit parking garage full of red hatchbacks.

But dear reader, I'm sure you can guess as well as I why there are no more fairies today.

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